200ml - 300ml | Biodegradable Cosmetic Tube Packaging Manufacturer | I.TA

200ml-300ml tube | I.TA is an OEM company of plastic squeeze tubes and custom cap. Through these 30 years, we have continually added progressive and sophisticated approaches to our manufacturing, and we look forward with enthusiasm to any new developments in our filed.

200ml-300ml tube

200ml - 300ml

6.8oz - 10.14oz

I.TA can customized tube volume from 3ml to 300ml. The tube diameter is set, and we change the tube length to customized the volume.
This section is pictures for 200ml, 210ml, 220ml, 230ml, 240ml, 250ml, 260ml, 270ml, 280ml, 290ml, or 300ml tube packaging.
Applications include masking gel, body cream, repair moisture gel, burning cream, aloe vera soothing...etc.
The tube color and cap color can all be customized. Printing decorations is also tailor made.

If you have an idea about the tube you want to customized, please check "Catalog" to find right dimension.

200ml - 300ml | Biodegradable Cosmetic Tube Packaging Manufacturer | I.TA

Located in Taiwan since 1986, I.TA Plastics Tube Co., Ltd. has been a cosmetic packaging tube manufacturer. Their main plastic tube products include, 200ml - 300ml, lotion tubes, squeeze tubes, collapsible tubes, biodegradable tubes, pump tubes, sugar cane tubes, recyclable tubes, transparent tubes, lip gloss tubes, which specializing in the manufacture and decoration of plastic squeeze tubes, offering a complete line of sizes, shapes, colors, and closures for cosmetic and personal care products.

I.TA is an established Taiwanese manufacturer of plastic squeeze tubes and custom injection molded cap, primarily serving the cosmetic and personal care markets. The products are Cosmetic Tube, Co-Ex Tubes, Soft Plastic Tube Packaging, PE Tube Container, Private Logo Tube, Customized Plastic Tube...etc. All I. TA cosmetic plastic tubes with customized printing are manufactured in-house by highly trained technicians, providing customers with skincare tubes, lip gloss tubes, and nozzle tip tubes.

I.TA has been providing its customers with high-quality cosmetic packaging plastic tubes, both with high-quality manufacturing technology, and with 40 years of experience, I.TA ensures that each customer's needs are met.